Wifi password breaker

Password generator offering passwords to access nearby Wi-Fi networks

  • Category Networks
  • License Free
  • Version 1.0
  • Size 145 KB
  • Works under Android
  • Package name com.wifipasswordbreak
  • Author HTS Entertainment

Wifi password breaker is an app that looks nice but probably won’t break into wi-fi networks.

Most of these wi-fi security apps don’t work, and Wifi password breaker is no exception. Don’t get us wrong, it looks nice and when it’s “breaking” passwords it has some cool skull ASCII art, but it doesn’t actually do what it says it can do.

But if it doesn’t hack wi-fi passwords, what can it do? Well it can scan wireless networks around you, which can help you find something to connect to. It’ll give you a “safety value” of a network next to each network name; this is supposed to clue you into whether or not it’ll be easy to crack. Green networks are unprotected and okay to connect to, red networks are not.

When you run the “vulnerability scan”, not much happens. Wifi password breaker doesn't do anything other than identify open networks, something that you can figure out on your own with your phone or tablet’s built-in wireless tools.

All in all, we don’t think that this app really merits download. It can help you figure out what networks around you exist and if any are open (visualized by the “green” square after a scan), but it’s more of a “hacking toy” than a network security tool.


  • Interesting Interface Even if it doesn’t work, it has a cool looking interface that looks like a wi-fi hacking tool.
  • Find Local Wi-Fi Networks Wifi Password Breaker will list different wireless networks around you.


  • It’s Not Really a Password Breaker It has to be said – it’s not a password deciphering tool. It doesn’t even have a dictionary of default passwords, it just scans for networks.